What’s the Difference Between Microinfusion, Microneedling, & PRP?

“Derm terms” can be confusing, and when you’re new to dermatology and all the treatments offered, it can be overwhelming! We totally get it, so we want to help you out. Today, we’re diving into three powerful skin treatments that often get confused with one another. They all use fine needles to penetrate the skin, creating micro injuries that stimulate the body’s immune system to come to the rescue, triggering collagen production and skin rejuvenation, solving a host of skin issues. Each of these treatments boast different outcomes and involve different techniques to achieve them. 

Let’s get to know microinfusion, microneedling and platelet rich plasma (PRP) a little better. You’ll learn what makes these treatments different, who can benefit from them, price ranges, downtime, and more! 

Keep reading to learn the difference between microinfusion, microneedling and platelet rich plasma (PRP) and to find out which one might be best for you or a loved one. 

Defined — What is the Difference Between Each of These Treatments?

Microinfusion — Let’s call this one the “Glow Up.” Why? Because microinfusion is like a luxurious, ultra effective facial that gives your skin an incredible glow with only a few hours of downtime, if any. Microinfusion is an amazing treatment if you have a big event coming up—like a wedding or other event where you want your skin to look ahhh-mazing. The day after the treatment is when skin is at it’s best, and that plump glow lasts for days to come. So what’s the deal with microinfusion? 

We use a stamper-like device with 24 karat gold needles at the end of the stamp. Don’t worry, the needles are TINY, and the treatment is painless. We load the device with a curated cocktail of great-for-skin ingredients: vitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, to name a few. But it gets better—we can even include diluted filler along with neuromodulators like botox or dysport for an extra pick me up! 


– Smooths skin texture

– Diminishes fine lines

– Shrinks pores

– Brightens

– Plumps

– Hydrates

– Totally customizable


– Zero downtime! You may be a tad red for a few hours, but then that GLOW sets in. The next day, your skin will look amazing.

Microneedling — Enter: the great-for-everyone treatment that gives skin a total refresh. Microneedling goes deeper than microinfusion, with tiny needles penetrating the skin down to the dermis (the bottom layer of the skin). While this results in more downtime, the skin benefits last longer. Microneedling is great for people who want more bang for their buck. Although we recommend a series of treatments for the best results, you’ll still see improvement after one. 

So what does a typical microneedling treatment look like? First, we apply a numbing cream to clean skin to help make the treatment more comfortable. A wand-like device with extremely fine needles on the end rotate and vibrate, gently puncturing and gliding across the skin to create deeper micro injuries, triggering collagen production and skin rejuvenation. Microneedling is a fantastic treatment not only for the face but also for the neck as it tightens skin and improves collagen and elastin production while combating fine lines, wrinkles and crepiness that appear with age. We can even use this treatment on other areas of the body to help improve the appearance of stretch marks or scarring. 


– Diminishes fine lines

– Shrinks pores

– Smooths skin texture

– Triggers collagen and elastin production

– Improves appearance of stretch marks and scars

– Plumps


– Expect to be red and blotchy for 1-2 days. Skin will be rough and slough for about a week after, revealing younger, fresher skin below.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) — Think of PRP as microneedling on steroids! PRP, or the “Vampire Facial” as some call it, is the gold-standard for microneedling treatments. We definitely see the best results in our patients with this treatment. It’s the most costly of the three, but it’s an investment many patients are happy to make. With PRP, we harness the power of your own growth factors and channel them into your collagen to trigger youthful repair and restoration!

In a PRP treatment, we draw blood from the patient and spin the vial in a centrifuge for about 10 minutes to isolate essential nutrients and growth factors (basically all the super good stuff in your blood that will help rejuvenate the skin!). This solution is then microneedled back into the patient’s skin which puts these incredibly effective growth factors and nutrients to work repairing and rejuvenating, improving collagen production, and much more! Buh-bye fine lines, dullness, pesky acne scars, and large pores. This glow is undeniable!


– Reduces hyperpigmentation

– Smooths skin texture

– Diminishes fine lines

– Shrinks pores

– Addresses volume loss

– Combats hair loss when used on the scalp

– Triggers collagen and elastin production

– Improves appearance of stretch marks and scars, especially acne scars

– Plumps


– PRP cuts typical microneedling downtime in half because the growth factors help heal the skin more quickly. You’ll be red and blotchy for 1-2 days. Skin will be rough and slough for a few days to a week after, revealing younger, fresher skin below. 

Who Is the Best Candidate for Each Treatment?

Here’s the thing: everyone can benefit from each of these treatments! They simply provide stunning results for just about anyone. Below we’re sharing who might particularly see the best results and what age groups are great candidates for each. 

Microinfusion — This is a great treatment to have prior to an event, as it will make you look glowy and glassy. It’s also exceptionally good around the eye area because the needles don’t penetrate as deeply as microneedling, allowing us to treat skin closer to the eye. Microinfusion is an amazing pick-me-up for anyone who feels like their skin is looking a bit dull or drab. This is definitely a skin-splurge, treat-yourself kind of procedure!

Microneedling — Any patient with textural issues, large pores, acne scars, or fine lines is a great candidate for microneedling, and we’re able to treat people of all ages, too. It’s kind of like aerating a lawn — we periodically aerate our yard to allow the grass to fill in thicker and fuller; it’s a similar concept with microneedling. We’re allowing our skin to rejuvenate for a more even tone and texture across the board. 

PRP — This is a phenomenal treatment for individuals in their 40’s and 50’s who are starting to see more skin sagging, lines or general signs of aging. Plus, we’re able to inject any remaining plasma from the blood draw into tear troughs and lips with a syringe, just like we do with traditional filler, to act as a totally natural skin plumper. And there’s more: PRP is an excellent application for patients experiencing hair loss! We also love the results we’ve seen with acne scarring…If you can’t tell, this treatment is all around incredible, and we’re obsessed.

How About Pricing?

Pricing is subject to change, so please contact us to get the most up-to-date pricing. 

Did You Know? We offer discounts when you bundle multiple treatments together! Reach out to inquire about bundle pricing when booking a customized series of treatments. We’re all about helping you save! And our packages never expire, so you can save now and space your treatments out as you please.


Gold Infusion $350 — includes a cocktail of vitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid 

Gold Infusion Plus $595 — includes a cocktail of vitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid PLUS neuromodulators and/or fillers

Microneedling $395


Standard PRP (which includes microneedling) $995

PRP injected into the scalp for hair loss $750

What Sets Vérité Apart from Other Offices that Offer These Treatments? 

If you come to Vérité for anything, from microneedling or microinfusion to skin checks or facials, your visit will never be rushed! This is a cornerstone of our business model and values as a company. When people say they’re getting microneedling for $195, it’s likely not as thorough, they’re barely red afterwards, and they’re not getting the full benefit of a well done treatment with a clinically studied, medical device. Dr. Kademian makes sure every treatment is even, thorough, and focused where it’s needed. We never let people leave our office unless the job is well done; it’s as simple as that. 

And while we might be biased, we believe our microneedling and microinfusion devices are the best ones on the market. Our microneedling device has a tilting plate on the needling pen so that the needles enter the skin at the proper angle. There’s a science to this application; we’re not just mindlessly rolling needles over the skin! Dr. Kademian ensures the needles enter the skin perpendicularly and at the proper depth. Additionally, she looks for clinical feedback—skin redness, pinpoint bleeding, and other physical signs that occur throughout the treatment—to ensure skin is responding properly. Precision and care are how we get the results we do. It’s important to make sure you’re going to someone who is putting consideration into the smallest details whenever you’re having a treatment done. 

If you’re getting excited about all the ways to rejuvenate your skin, schedule a consultation with us to learn more! We can’t wait to help you achieve your best skin yet.


Vérité Dermatology Boutique is the premier aesthetic boutique dermatology practice in Columbus, Ohio. Vérité is owned and operated by Board Certified Dermatologist Monique Kademian, MD.

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