Ultimate Bridal Skincare Timeline

After the excitement of the engagement dies down, you may begin thinking, “I need a skincare plan!” Lucky for you, we’ve created the ultimate bridal skincare timeline to help guide your planning…because you’ve got enough planning to do already!

Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride or MIL-to-be, this guide provides a helpful outline of how we recommend approaching your skincare needs and treatments prior to the big day—so you look and feel your best!

Keep reading to learn how we approach a one-year bridal skincare timeline!

One Year Mark:

Establish a Relationship + Create a Game Plan

One year before the wedding day is the perfect time to start your skincare journey. It’s so important to meet with your provider early on to establish a relationship (and make sure it’s the right fit!), discuss your goals, and create a game plan for treatments and at-home skincare regimens to support in-office treatments and recovery. 

At this initial visit, we’ll identify any problem areas in your skin that you want to improve and plan for any collagen-inducing treatments that would require ample time to heal. This can include:

This is also the time to establish a relationship with an aesthetician and discuss your specific skin type and concerns. Using this information, your aesthetician will identify where peels, Diamond Glow facials, Biologique Recherche facials, and dermaplanes can support your goals.

Six to Nine Month Mark: 

Continue In-Office Treatments + At-Home Skincare Protocol with Routine Follow-Ups

At the six to nine-month mark, your treatment and skincare journey has begun! Depending on your age and skin concerns, this could include a series of microneedling, laser, or injectable treatments. We’ll also schedule routine follow-up appointments to assess the results of more intensive treatments and determine what concerns continue to exist and need work. 

We recommend also seeing our aesthetician to create a plan for in-office peels which can begin anywhere from 9 to 3 months prior to the big day. Each individual’s plan will look a bit different depending on your skin type and concerns, so be sure to get ahead of it! 

If indicated, a little bump of filler can also be done at this time.

A Note on Filler:

Complete Treatments 4-6 Months Before the Wedding

If you’re going to be using filler, it’s best to complete this 4-6 months before the wedding. We want to make sure the filler has settled in and is intercalating with the collagen nicely. Rarely, some people can have prolonged swelling or bruising, so we need to make sure your skin has ample time to heal. 

We champion a gradual and conservative approach here at Vérité. While many derms and medispas will do filler treatments much closer to the big day, we’re more concerned that your results look natural and settle beautifully. It’s all about a gradual approach! 

* Lip filler can be done closer to your wedding because it dissolves faster, but we don’t recommend doing any filler within one month of your wedding. 

One Month Mark:

Your Last Botox Treatment and Continuation of At-Home Skincare + SPF

Your last Botox treatment (if applicable) should be timed for 4-6 weeks before the big day. However, this should NOT be the first time you’ve had Botox! We encourage you to do a trial treatment 6-9 months before your wedding to see how it settles and how you like the results. As always, any new treatments should be done well in advance. 

One month prior to the wedding, we’ll have completed all of our more invasive collagen induction treatments. You’ll notice your skin is much brighter and more youthful than it was just 11 months ago!! We encourage you to continue your at-home skincare routine religiously as well as continuing to apply SPF every single day to ensure you keep that glow!

One Week Mark:

Light Treatments Including Diamond Glow and Dermaplane

And now it’s time for the fun! 7-10 days before your wedding day, you’ll come in for final facials or dermaplane treatments to reveal your best skin. Remember, these treatments should only be done by someone you have a well-established relationship with to ensure they know your particular skin type and needs. In addition, this should NOT be the first time you’ve had one of these treatments because we absolutely don’t want you to have an adverse reaction!

Micro gold infusion can be done up to a week before the big day, but only in skilled hands with someone who knows your skin well.

And You’re Off!

Bridal skincare is a process that takes time and careful planning. We hope that our ultimate bridal skincare timeline will help you understand the importance of establishing a relationship with a provider you trust and adhering to a personalized plan that meets your unique needs and goals.


Vérité Dermatology Boutique is the premier aesthetic boutique dermatology practice in Columbus, Ohio. Vérité is owned and operated by Board Certified Dermatologist Monique Kademian, MD.

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