We tapped our oh-so-glowy aesthetician, Lexi, to share her essential skin tips for glowing skin that she gives patients!  By simply following these 6 guidelines, you’ll notice calmer, brighter skin in no time. Let’s get to it!

1. Invest In Your Skincare

The road to glowy, healthy skin begins with powerhouse products. When you give your skin the  love it needs by applying top of the line products, it’ll only be a matter of days before you notice a huge improvement. 

Here at Vérité, we’ve carefully curated a selection of the best-available skincare products on the market. We have incredible results-driven regimens for all skin concerns, and we are eager to help our patients find the right routine. 

One of our favorite lines is, of course, Biologique Recherche—the luxury French skincare line our patients are always buzzing about! Our team is well versed in this line, and can help curate the optimal skincare routine for you.

2. Smooth & Brighten With Routine Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a form of mechanical exfoliation, where our aesthetician carefully glides a special instrument over the skin on the face and neck to remove vellus hairs (aka peach fuzz!) and dead skin, revealing a smoother, brighter and more even complexion. 

In addition to providing an instant glow, routine dermaplane treatments allow your products to penetrate deeper into the skin, giving you more bang for your buck, especially when you’re investing in high-quality products. We also love how much more beautifully makeup lays on the skin after dermaplane treatments! 

3. Try The Office Favorite, Diamond Glow

skin tips for glowing skin - diamond glow facials

You’ve heard us say it a million times, but there is good reason! Diamond Glow (DG) facials will totally change your complexion in as little as 30 minutes, giving you the ultimate glow! It’s one of our top skin tips for glowing skin, after all.

Recommended in a series of 3 treatments,  DG exfoliates the skin using a diamond-encrusted tip that gently exfoliates and extracts impurities as it glides along, while simultaneously pumping a custom-to-you serum into the skin. We love to use SkinMedica serums, and there is a wide range to choose from based on your particular skin type and skin goals. 

DG provides effective hydration for skin, leaving it refreshed and nourished while also treating specific skin concerns. This treatment is ideal for any age, but even acne-prone or actively inflamed skin can benefit from a Diamond Glow treatment!

4. Adopt The At-Home Game Changer, MASQUE PIGM400

skin tips for glowing skin - Masque PIGM400

PSA: There are SO many incredible products in the Biologique Recherche skincare line…but we’re going to single out a product you totally don’t want to miss.

Masque PIGM400 is a sheet mask that works to lift pigmentation in the skin, leaving behind a tighter, firmer complexion. Masque PIGM400 is great for any event (weddings, birthdays, etc.) to soothe the skin and give it a fresh, dewy look. You’ve got to add this incredible treatment to your at-home arsenal!

5. Water, Water, Water

This probably isn’t a huge shock, but water intake is extremely important when it comes to the skin’s health and appearance. Staying hydrated allows your skin to flourish and have its own natural glow. Not drinking enough water can leave the skin dull, lackluster, and dry. 

Did you know that hyperpigmentation can also be a result of dehydration and low water intake!? While it’s important to use hydrating and moisturizing products on the surface of the skin, it’s just as important to make sure you are hydrating the inside as well! 

Invest in a cute and functional water bottle that is at least 20 ounces and carry it with you wherever you go so you get in the habit of sipping throughout the day. If you don’t love the taste of plain ‘ol water, have fun with it by adding ice, a few squeezes of lemon, cucumber slices or even an electrolyte powder!

6. Love Your SPF

skin tips for glowing skin - apply SPF

Mara Beauty Sea Kale Sunscreen Serum SPF 30

Maybe the most obvious skin tips for glowing skin, if you know us well, is to add SPF to your daily routine! SPF should be the last step of your morning skincare routine, and should be routinely applied throughout the day every 2 hours. Most of our patients are SPF-addicts like us, but if you still haven’t found one that you love, let us know! We carry the best SPF on the market—no chalky residue, lightweight, and truly something you’ll want to wear!

Not only does the right SPF give a sheer, dewy look once applied, it will be the gateway to helping you maintain a youthful, glowy complexion in the long run. Sun protection is essential to keeping your skin healthy and preventing not only fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration but skin cancer as well!

So why wait for great skin? Book your appointment to connect with our aesthetician, Lexi, and begin creating a customized gameplan for your best skin yet!


Vérité Dermatology Boutique is the premier aesthetic boutique dermatology practice in Columbus, Ohio. Vérité is owned and operated by Board Certified Dermatologist Monique Kademian, MD.

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